5 Benefits of Salon Facial Waxing

January 30 2020

5 Benefits of Salon Facial Waxing

When it comes to removing unwanted facial hair, there are many products available on the market today. Drugstore shelves are lined with home waxing kits, hair removal gels and creams, and all manner of shaving tools and accessories. With all of these options at your disposal, you may wonder why you should choose a salon for your facial waxing needs. 

Here are 5 benefits of salon facial waxing to consider when making your decision.

No Harsh Odors or Allergies

Wax does not contain the harsh chemicals that give hair removal creams and shave gels their strong odor. This means none of the nasal irritation and headaches that you may have experienced with other methods. Wax also does not have a lot of added ingredients that other products do that can cause allergic skin reactions and irritation.

Safer Than Hair Removal Creams and Shaving

Waxing is one of the safest options when it comes to hair removal. The nicks and cuts caused by shaving leave your skin vulnerable to infection. Many have permanent scars related to shaving accidents. Hair removal creams can cause rashes and even chemical burns to sensitive skin, which carries the same risk of infection and scarring.

Long-Lasting Results

A few hours to a few days is all you can expect from most hair removal techniques. Shaving and hair removal creams remove hair at or just below the surface of the skin, so it regrows quickly. Depending on your personal hair growth pattern, you can expect up to 6 weeks of smooth skin following a wax at the salon. Waxing removes the entire hair shaft at the root, so when it does begin to regrow it will be softer and more natural without the rough, stubbly appearance of regrowth from shaving.

Gentle Exfoliation

Not only does waxing remove unwanted hair, but it also removes the outermost layer of dead skin. This gentle exfoliation removes dull, dry skin buildup revealing a brighter skin tone and smoother texture. You get the benefits of two beauty treatments in one easy step.

Less Mess and Virtually Pain-Free

While their price tag and promises of grab-and-go ease can be tempting, home wax its are messy and can be quite dangerous and painful. Overheated wax can cause serious burns. Improper technique will result in an extremely painful experience. Our salon hair removal team has professional training, equipment, products, and gentle techniques to ensure that your waxing experience is safe and virtually pain-free.

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