A Brazilian Blowout Can Keep Winter Frizz Away

December 27 2019

A Brazilian Blowout Can Keep Winter Frizz Away

Frizzy hair can be so frustrating! You dish out a small fortune for special shampoos and conditioners that promise to banish the frizz. You spend hours applying expensive styling products, blow-drying, and smoothing with a flat iron. The results may last a few hours or be gone in seconds when it comes to a sudden downpour or you get caught in a brief wind. Then you get up the next day and do it all again. But winter air is so harsh on your hair that frizz is inevitable without the hassle, or is it? There is an easy way to keep winter frizz away with a Brazilian Blowout.

What Is a Brazilian Blowout?

A Brazilian Blowout is a semi-permanent professional smoothing treatment that leaves your hair smooth and frizz-free for up to 12 weeks. This 80-minute salon treatment bonds a keratin formula to your hair to repair damage and form a protective layer on each strand. This will eliminate frizz and protect against future damage. 

Why Should I Choose a Brazilian Blowout Over Other Smoothing Treatments?

Unlike other smoothing treatments, a Brazilian Blowout will not cause further damage to your hair. This is the only professional smoothing treatment that actually improves the condition of your hair. By smoothing the cuticle moisture and shine will be locked in and frizz will be locked out. You won’t have the wait like you would with other smoothing treatments. You can go to the gym, wash your hair, or even wear it in a ponytail as soon as you leave the salon. Your treatment can also be customized to either straighten or preserve curl and wave. 

Need a Quick Fix?

If you need a quick fix to nix the frizz, try our Brazilian BlowoutEXPRESS. This one-step treatment takes 60 minutes or less and will give you up to 4 weeks of frizz-free shine. You will still have no restrictions and no wait time to go back to your normal daily routine.

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