A Low Maintenance Solution for Unruly Hair

April 13 2020

A Low Maintenance Solution for Unruly Hair

If you’ve recently missed a much-needed haircut or trim at the salon, you may be wondering what to do to tame your unruly hair until your next appointment. Ponytails and buns work great, but they can get boring after a while. If you would like to jazz it up a little while still keeping your style trouble-free, give one of these gorgeous braids a try.

Classic French Braid

This braid takes a little practice but is great for beginners. It’s a bit more interesting than a plain braid and will easily stay put all day. Separate a small section of hair near your forehead into three sections as you normally would to start a braid. With each pass, you will start at the hairline and section another small bit of hair to add to the side strand before crossing it over top of the middle strand. Repeat, alternating sides to the nape of the neck, and then finish with a typical braid.

Double Dutch Braids

Dutch braids are basically a reverse French braid. Begin by parting your hair down the middle. Then follow the steps for French braiding above, only instead of crossing over the middle strand, you will pass the side strands underneath the middle one. Repeat on the other side doing your best to space the braids evenly between your part and ears.

Pull-Through Braid

If you are all thumbs when it comes to braiding, this is the one for you. It doesn’t require real braiding. It just gives the illusion of an awesome braid. All you need are a few clear elastic hair ties. First, pull the top section of hair up as you would for a half-up hairstyle and secure it with elastic. Then work your way down by pulling apart sections of hair into two halves and wrap them around the bulk of your hair. Secure with another elastic and repeat with the next sections until the braid is completed.

Twisted Rope Braid

If you need an even easier to create style, start with a high ponytail. Section your ponytail in half and begin twisting each section in opposite directions. Once the sections are twisted tightly, start to twist them around each other while keeping the ends secure. Don’t let the sections loosen or unwind. Continue all the way to the ends and secure with an elastic. Dress your twisted rope braid up a little by adding tiny sprigs of flowers or adding a thin string of beads to one or both of the twists.

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