How to Deal with Awkward Hair When You Miss a Haircut

April 30 2020

How to Deal with Awkward Hair When You Miss a Haircut

If you have longer hair missing a haircut, isn’t usually a big deal. For those with shorter hair, not being able to make it to the salon on schedule can lead to some pretty awkward hair situations. But with just a few simple tricks you can turn awkward into awesome!

Super Short- Spike It

If your hair is super short, when it starts to grow out there are usually some areas that just take on a mind of their own. They want to stick straight out no matter what you do. If that is your current reality, embrace it. Use some strong hold mousse, hair gel, or preferably spiking putty, and just spike it. It may look ridiculous when you have a single cowlick sticking up, but when it’s uniform all over it looks a little edgy, very modern, and super fun. 

Ear Length- Opt for the Wet Look

Ear length cuts tend to look a little shaggy on the sides and back as it starts to grow out. The slicked back wet look really helps keep this stage of hair growth under control. Start with damp hair and apply a generous amount of stronghold, glossy hair gel. Part your hair if you wish, and comb or brush your hair back away from your face and around the back of your ears to the neckline. Try different combs, fine or wide-toothed, to get the look you want, or use a fine bristle brush for a smooth sculpted look.

Chin Length- Braid It

When chin-length hair is misbehaving and hanging in your face it can be quite frustrating. It’s not quite long enough to stay tucked behind your ears or tie back in a ponytail. One solution is to braid it. Part hair on the side or in the middle. Section off the front of the hair, and starting at the forehead do a dutch or french braid down each side. Secure behind the ear with bobby pins or a pretty hair clip. As an alternative to braids, you can achieve a similar look by twisting the sections of hair.

Headbands, Scarves, and Bobby Pins

Whatever stage of growth your hair is in, headbands, scarves, and bobby pins are your friends on bad hair days. Use them. They can dress up your hairstyle, cover problem areas, keep hair out of your face, and make it stay where you put it. 

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