Safely Keep That Summer Glow All Year with Spray Tanning

January 13 2020

Safely Keep That Summer Glow All Year with Spray Tanning

If you are one that likes to maintain a sun-kissed summer glow year-round, you may worry about the damage that sunbathing and tanning beds can do to your skin. There is an option that will safely allow you to keep that beachy bronzed tone you desire without the risks. While it can’t provide you with vitamin D as the sun can, spray tanning can safely give you a natural-looking summer glow through all seasons.

Safe For All Skin Types

If you have naturally dark pigmented skin you may be able to tan effortlessly. But if you have pale, porcelain skin you may only burn at the beach. You may burn before you tan, or you may not tan at all. With spray tanning you can achieve the shade you want without the risks of sunburn, so matter the shade you start with.

Instant Results

Depending on your natural skin tone, it can take weeks to develop a tan. Sunbathing (which is not even possible in winter in many locations) can take 8-12 weeks. That’s an entire summer! Tanning beds shorten this time to 4-8 weeks. That’s a little better, but if you are in a hurry, it will never do. Sunless tanning lotions usually develop your color in a couple of hours, but may require several applications to reach your desired shade. It is recommended to allow at least 8 hours between applications. With a spray tan you will achieve your desired shade in a single session. 

Camouflage Cellulite

Pale skin makes cellulite more noticeable. You can camouflage cellulite by taking your skin tone a few shades darker. This will provide an instant slimming effect and boost in confidence. 

No Damaging Effect to Your Skin

We all know about the dangers of skin cancer associated with sunbathing and tanning beds. Because there is no ultraviolet light involved in the process, spray tans will not damage your skin. You won’t need to skimp on the sunscreen to speed up your tan either, so you can keep your skin protected and have your tan too.

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