The Perfect Pixie Cut for Every Face Shape

June 29 2020

The Perfect Pixie Cut for Every Face Shape

A cute pixie cut can be a great way to beat the summer heat. With less hair, it will naturally keep you cooler but there are some other benefits too. When your hair is short it won't blow in your face when you're driving around with the top down, nor will it get in your eyes when you're swimming. But if you've never had a super short cut, a pixie can be a bit intimidating. Rest assured that this cut really can look great on anyone if you choose a style that suits your face shape.


The best cut for a diamond-shaped face will be asymmetrical with choppy layers. This will add some visual interest and volume on top to help soften the angular lines of your face.


It can be a bit tricky to keep a super short cut from making a round face seem even rounder. To keep your pixie cut from making your face too round, you want extra volume on top while keeping the sides and back as short as possible for an elongating effect. Avoid straight bangs which will only make your face look rounder and shorter. Instead, add some choppy layers or an asymmetrical bang to add some lengthening angles.


The goal with a square face is to avoid making it look too box-like. You want a cut that will appear to blur the angular lines of your face. Layers are going to be the key to getting that perfect pixie that will soften those angles for a more balanced look.


To balance the features of a heart-shaped face you want to bring the focus to your cheekbones. Keeping the back super short and adding long, deep, side-swept bangs are the best way to highlight this area to visually narrow the forehead and widen the chin.


To visibly shorten a longer face you want to reduce the volume on the top to avoid making it look even longer. Consider adding a fringe that reaches at least to your eyebrows to help create the illusion of a shorter forehead and balance out the rest of your features. If your bangs are too short it will only make your face look longer.


Someone with an oval face shape can wear pretty much any pixie cut they like because their features are already in balance. Take advantage of this to be as bold and daring as you'd like. The sky and your imagination are your only limits.

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