Hair cut ONLY:

  • Haircut:$45

  • This service includes cleansing experience, scissor haircuts that require both length, just trims, all additional layers, as well as texturize detailing. Blowdry styling is not included.
  • Dry Cutting$45+

  • This service requires that the guest arrive with their hair 100% clean and dry. This technique allows the stylist to perform a carved haircut specific to how your hair lays naturally. It is ideal for dense hair that requires additional texture detailing, ideal for fine hair that allows for precision haircutting to add weight and finally allows the Stylist to create innovative and fun custom haircuts specifically for your lifestyle. Wash is not included. Style detailing is not included but can be added upon request for an additional cost.
  • The WORKS:$95

  • This service is ideal for a haircut and blow out experience. Includes cleansing wash experience, custom haircut, blow out, dry texture detailing and curling/flat iron detailing.

Clipper Hair cuts:

  • Classic clipper cut, shampoo & style:$27

  • Clipper Fade/Skin Tight Fade, shampoo & style:$30+

  • Clipper Design/lines:$3+

  • Sideburns and neck shapeup:$10+

  • Beard Trim:$15+

  • This service includes a trim throughout the beard with clippers, trimmer and razor only on the cheeks. Price will be adjusted according to the density and how coarse each individuals beard is. Clean up with a Straight Razor on the Neck and mustache will be considered a Hot Towel Shave. See Hot towel shave price
  • Hot towel shave, Beard trim and razor:$30

  • Includes a Essential Oil Temple massage, hot towel, prepping the skin with conditioning anti razor bump creams, straight razor detailing, cold towel compress to close the pores, after shave/astringent and talc.

IB Signature Blow Out:

Is absolutely necessary to complete the entire look and see the final result of everything from your color service, to highlighting service or your cutting service!

  • The blowout package:$45-$55

  • This includes a shampoo cleansing experience, blowout and detailing with our flat irons and or curling irons.
  • Classic Blowout$40-$45

  • This service includes a shampoo cleansing and blow-dry styling from our Ib signature styles, without the extra iron detailing.

Detailing With Irons:

  • Full Detailing only$35+

  • If your hair is already prepped with a blow out and all you need are some waves, curls or simply a sleek straight look, then this is the perfect service for you. Service includes full detailing with iron work only.
  • Shampoo only: $10+

  • This experience will be perfect for guests who may have had an injury or surgery. If you are unable to cleanse your hair at home, we are here to serve you! This service will allow us to spoil you with just a simple shampoo and conditioner. Add a deep conditioning and or scalp treatment to enhance the result and of course the experience.

Kid's Cuts

  • Infants - 1yr old$15+

  • Haircut 2-5 years old:$20+

  • Includes haircut and quick style. Wash is not included.
  • Haircut 6-10 years old$30-$40+

  • If guest has long hair and is dense like adult hair, they will be charged a regular haircut and blowout price. Wash is not included.
  • Clipper cut 2-5 years old:$15+

  • Classic clipper cut and detailing(no tight fade). Wash is not included.
  • Clipper cut 6-10 years old:$20

  • If we are performing a tight fade and designs child will be charged a men's haircut and design. Wash is not included.